Lawyer in business law and commercial law

We represent companies and provide them with legal services as part of their daily business. We establish with you all the steps to the creation of your company and if possible of the negotiation with the suppliers. So if you want to create, incorporate, dissolve or liquidate a company, update your book of minutes or you have problems with your shareholders, or directors or anything concerning negotiations, resolutions, contracts, agreements, shareholder agreements , Agreement to purchase, sell shares, business, finance agreement, lease, employment, distribution, search for business names, attestation of compliance, business advice, remedies against Directors, partners or shareholders, commercial lease transactions and disputes, commercial and corporate transactions. We can help you in all those areas.

We deal with you on all those matters relating to business and commercial law, and we offer you adequate legal advices. Consult us with your company's situation before this happens and we are ready to answer any question you may have.


Juridical services and legal solutions for commercial societies and individuals