Lawyer in collection accounts or receivables

You have an overdue account and you want to recover it as quickly as possible. Generally, in these situations any person or company prefer to retain the services of a collection agency. What is unknown is that these companies can not force legally the debtor to pay their debts but it is possible if it is decided to entrust this mandate to a lawyer who has the power to compel the debtor to perform its obligations or to institute proceedings against the debtor. By thus entrusting the collection of your accounts to our firm, you are almost certain that you will be able to be reimbursed of your accounts by a payment agreement even if it can be staggered over time.

More over as a debtor if you are an individual or a company with large debts that prevents you from meeting your obligations we will negotiate flexible payment terms and we will facilitate the collection of your debts based on your financial situation.

We will respond to your needs in a professional manner by applying customized account management strategies according to your financial problems or account management.


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