Lawyer in family law

Family relationships can break down and lead to conflict. It is important despite any conflict to preserve the interests of children and to assert your parental authority. Married or civil union spouses shall, in the event of separation or divorce, are submitted to the rules of their matrimonial regime which they have adopted in order to affect the division of property. Conflicts usually arise when the parties realize that their adopted a regime does not finally meet their expectations in the event of a breakdown. Our mission is to guide you and explain to you the matrimonial regime adopted and the consequences of a separation or divorce.

We are thus able to help you resolve all family disputes of any kind: amicable divorce, separation, alimony, child support and custody, visitation rights, Paternity dispute, patrimony dispute DNA test, change of name, adoption, Youth protection, curatorship, division of property, matrimonial regime, family patrimony, taxes, and legal consequences of a breach of contract between common-law partners ...

We are prepared to represent you before the courts and to resolve the existing conflicts.


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