Lawyer in labor law

As employees or employers, we are not always able to know the laws or standards that govern our work relationships. Some decisions may be made in contradiction with labor law standards or done only in the interests of employers or the company, and such decisions may raise a variety of conflicts. Because of illegal dismissal for no good reason, disguised dismissal, harassment at work ... Your employment contract or working conditions are not respected ... We can defend your rights and interests. Labor law is one of our areas of expertise, we act for you before the problem becomes major and we take care to resolve the current conflict.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to take decisions with respect and to inform you before taking any decisions that could compromise your status or business. We can help you better understand your rights, the laws that govern your employer status and guide you in your choices and decisions. Whether it concerns the non-compliance with the Non-Competition Clauses, the CSST, CALP, the Labor Standards and the Labor Relations Board for an accident, professional injury, psychological harassment, and compensation.

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