Family law
Family relationships can break down and lead to conflict. It is important despite any conflict to preserve the interests of children and to assert your parental authority.
Corporate law
We represent companies and provide them with legal services as part of their daily business.
Criminal law
Criminal law covers most offenses under the Criminal Code, the Highway Safety Code, or any other Code or statute.
Bankruptcy falls under federal law and is governed by a specific statute, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

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Bélanger, Brunet is a law firm established in Montreal since 1954 and specialized in a variety of law fields.

We offer numerous legal services at competitive prices in different legal fields such as Family law, Divorce, Custody, Child Support and Alimony , Succession law, Civil and Criminal law, Labour law, Wrongful dismissal, Commercial and Business law, Administrative law, Bankruptcy law...please refer to our « Legal Fields of Practice » for more information.

Also, all of our legal services are offered both in French and in English

Throughout the years, our reputation has been firmly established among Courts and Tribunals and we have been successful in litigation as well as in out-of-court settlements according to the needs and demands of our clients. We represent individuals as well as corporate clients and we take care of our clients, making sure that they receive personal, courteous, attentive and professional legal services.

Bélanger, Brunet Lawyers ... quality, experience, a name to trust and to remember!!!

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Member of the Quebec Bar

Montreal Defence Lawyers Association

Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association

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Barreau Govenor Foundation


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